Piura Blano & Malingas

Preserving heirloom cacaos in the fruitiest of terroirs: the Piura Valley, Peru

Both infused with the characteristic fruitiness of the cacaos of the Piura Valley, the Piura Blanco and the Piura Malingas are a study in how two cacaos grown in the same region deliver richly different flavors: the Piura Blanco with its long, elegant notes of raspberry and pecan, and the Piura Malingas with its short, dazzling notes of lemon and passion fruit. Not just a play in contrasts, both cacaos are delightfully fruity and exceptionally light.

The two cacaos are different morphologically in that the Piura Blanco are predominantly white beans enclosed in smooth and rounded cacao pods, while the Piura Malingas has a low percentage of white beans enclosed in highly furrowed and elongated pods. Both cacaos are old-grown landraces, as pure as they get, since no modern hybrid cocoas have been planted in this area.

Cacao genetic experts believe that the Piura Blanco is an “albino” of a native cacao, where only the “albino” survived the passing of times in the dry Piura Valley. The cacaos grown in Malingas share many morphological traits with the Nacional Arriba family of Ecuador, but the beans are lighter in both color and taste.

Today’s borderline between Peru and Ecuador is less than an hours drive from Malingas and these cacao origins haven’t always been demarcated by the current borders of the two nations. Historically, Northern Peru and Southern Ecuador could just as well be considered as one cacao origin.

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Piura Blano & Malingas